How to Create and Send an Offering Letter to Talenta Recruitment

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On the Recruitment Talenta Pipeline menu, you can create offer letters and send offer letters to candidates.

Here are the steps:

  1. Click the offering stage on the Pipeline menu.
  2. Click on the candidate's name to whom the offer letter will be sent.
  3. Select the Offering tab, then click the “Offering Candidates” button.
  4. Complete the offering letter information in the following display. Click “Save as Draft” to continue.
  5. You will see a display like the following.
No. Menu Description
1. Edit Button to make changes to the draft offer letter that has been made.
2. Send Offers Button to send the offer letter that has been made to the candidate.
3. Latest Edit Displays the name of the user who last changed the draft offering letter.
4. View Offering History Displays a history of offering letters that have been sent to candidates.
5. Position Name Displays the position offered to the candidate.
6. Department Displays the divisions offered to the candidate.
7. Employment Type Displays the employment status offered to the candidate.
8. Probation Time Displays the length of the probationary period for the candidate.
9. Expired date Displays the end date of the offer letter for the candidate.
10. Salary Displays the nominal base salary offered to candidates.
11. Work Locations Displays the job location offered to the candidate.
12. Notes Displays additional notes or messages from the recruiter for the candidate.
13. Benefits Displays company benefits offered to candidates.
  1. Click the “Send Offering” button to send the offer letter to the candidate.
  2. You can see a preview of the offering letter for candidates. Click “Send Offer” to continue.
  3. You can also see the status of the offer letter sent in the following display.

This is a guide to creating and sending an offer letter to Talenta Recruitment. In the next stage, you can add to CV Bank. Read the guide here.