How to Understand Transfer SLA for Payroll Disbursement

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Transfer SLA (Service Level Agreement) provided by Talenta consists of LLG and RTGS. There are two virtual accounts provided to carry out payroll disbursements for Talenta, namely Mandiri and BNI. Following are the differences in virtual accounts from each bank that can be adjusted to your needs.

  Mandiri BNI
Source Account Fund Transfer Only accept transfers from Bank Mandiri accounts. Receive transfers from other banks, except from Mandiri Bisnis Internet
Transfer Fee Free Follow the provisions of each bank.
Disbursement Fee to Beneficiary Account Free Free


The interbank transfer method is divided into two options, namely Lalu Lintas Giro (LLG) and Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS).

Lalu Lintas Giro (LLG) uses the clearing facilities for transfers between one bank and another. Meanwhile, Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) is the same as clearing, but the money transferred will arrive at the destination account more quickly.

The following is a detailed explanation regarding the use of the LLG and RTGS transfer methods.

  1. LLG (Lalu Lintas Giro) / SKN (Sistem Kliring Nasional)
    Through clearing, the bank will check whether the balance to be transferred is sufficient or not. This process usually takes about 2–3 days until the money reaches the destination account, but it is possible that there are banks that can process it more quickly. Transfer fees using this method are also not too expensive, only around IDR 5,000–IDR 15,000 each. The reason why clearing takes 2-3 days is because the transferred money will be collected in the Bank Indonesia system first.

    After processing, the system at Bank Indonesia will distribute the money to the destination bank. Only then will the money be sent to the destination account. Because banking working days are Monday to Friday, when you send money using LLG on Friday, the money will arrive at the beneficiary's account around Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on the bank's policy. Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays are not taken into account because they are not working days.
    The following is the SLA Transfer Cycle for Payroll Disbursement using LLG/SKN
  2. Using RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)
    In terms of time, settlement (overbooking) is carried out when sending data. in contrast to LLG, which has a specific settlement period. The minimum amount that can be transferred through the RTGS scheme is Rp 100 million. With a faster transfer time, the fees you have to incur are also greater, between IDR 25,000 and IDR 50,000.
    If you want the money to arrive on the same day, you can make the transfer before 14:00 via the e-banking channel (internet banking or m-banking). If you transfer after 14:00 (via an e-banking channel: internet banking or m-banking) or through a teller at any time, the money will arrive at the destination account on the next working day. In addition, if you transfer at the end of the month (30th or 31st), there will be a potential delay of one working day due to the closing process.
    The following is the SLA Transfer Cycle for Payroll Disbursements using RTGS

This is the explanation about SLA Transfer for payroll disbursement. Learn how to run payroll on Talenta here.