How to Register Candidates to Talenta Payroll

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In Talenta Recruitment, you can register a candidate with Talenta Payroll as an employee if the candidate has confirmed their willingness to join the company. 

You can register a candidate with Talenta Payroll only if the candidate clicks on the "Accept this offer" button  in the email  offering letter that has been sent as shown below:

Candidates who have confirmed their acceptance of the offer letter in the email will automatically enter the Accepted stage.

Next, follow these steps to register a candidate with Talenta Payroll as an employee:

  1. Enter the Accepted stage on the Pipeline menu.
  2. Click on the name of the employee who will be registered with Talenta Payroll.clipboard-image__1_.png
  3. Click the "Register to Talent Payroll" button as shown below.clipboard-image__2_.png
  4. Complete the employee registration information in the following display, then click "Send" to continue.clipboard-image__3_.png
  5. You will get the following notification if the employee is successfully registered with Talenta Payroll.

This is a guide on how to register candidates for Talenta Payroll. Furthermore, you can learn how to create and send an Offer Letter to Talenta Recruitment here.