How to View Employee Attendance Activity Reports

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In this section you will learn how to view live attendance reports.

Follow these steps to view the live attendance report:

  1. Enter the Time Management menu, select “Attendance”.
  2. Click “Activity”.
  3. Specify the start and end date periods of the report to be displayed.

    The period range of attendance activity that can be displayed is a max of 30 days. 

  4. Click "Filter" to display the activity filter based on the selected filter and click "Show location name" to show the location name of the attendance activity.
  5. Click the "Column Displayed" icon to filter the displayed table information.
  6. Click the "Download" icon to download the attendance report in Excel.
  7. Use the search field to search for employee attendance information based on keywords.
  8. And the following is a view of the attendance activity report.

    Displays a list of employee absences filtered by date period and specified filters. You can display additional information in the table, such as Body Temperature, Wearing Mask, Coordinate, and Source, by clicking "Column Displayed" and ticking the information you want to display.

    - Coordinate: To clarify the location where employees make attendance.
    - Body Temperature Data and Wearing Mask: Used to clarify employee attendance data. Data can be integrated with the help of the Talenta support team.
    - Source: To explain the source of attendance data is the result of attendance via Mobile Apps, Mobile Web or Machine.

This is an explanation of how to view employee attendance activity reports. Click here, to learn how to input joint leave in Attendance.