How to Add to CV Bank on Talenta Recruitment

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CV Bank in Talenta Recruitment is a recruitment stage that is used to store resumes of candidates who did not make it through to the next stage (rejected), resumes of blacklisted candidates, and candidates who refused an offer to join the company (declined offering). 

The following is a brief explanation of how  the Bank's CV page looks :

No. Fields Description
1. Basic & Advanced Filters Button to filter the names of applicants based on the position offered and office location.
2. Sort By Button to display a list of applicants based on available criteria.
3. Search Column to perform searches based on certain keywords
4. Applicant Table Displays a list of applicants who did not make it through to the next stage (rejected), blacklisted candidate resumes (blacklisted), and candidates who declined the offer to join the company (decline offering).
5. Download Resumes  Button to download the applicant's resume (curriculum vitae).  
6. Unblacklist Button to cancel the blacklist of the applicant's email.
7. Status Displays the status of applicants who entered the CV Bank stage  (rejected, blacklisted, declined offering). 

This is a guide on how to Add to CV Bank on Talenta Recruitment. Furthermore, you can learn how to register candidates for Talenta Payroll here.