Applicant Details and Move Stage on Talenta Recruitment

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On the Talenta Recruitment Pipeline menu, you can view detailed information, CV, and the history of applicants. You can also process applicants to the next stage until they blacklist or reject. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the Pipeline menu.
  2. Click the Applicant stage and select the name of the applicant whose application details you want to see.
  3. Click on the “CV” button to download the employee's CV.
  4. Click the "Info Detail" button to check the applicant's detailed information.
  5. Click the “Applicant History” button to check the history of applications that have been submitted.
  6. Click on the Files tab, then click “Request Files” if you want to ask applicants to complete certain files.
  7. You can also upload additional files by clicking the “Upload Files” button.
  8. Click the Notes tab to add specific notes to the applicant in Talenta, then click "Publish".
  9. You can also leave messages between fellow recruiters in the  Discussion column at the bottom.
  10. Select the next stage for applicants in the Move Stage column to process applicants to the next stage.
  11. If you want to blacklist the applicant, then click the "Blacklist" button and the applicant's CV will automatically be stored on the  CV Bank stage.
  12. If you want to reject the applicant, click on the "Reject" button and the applicant's CV will automatically be stored on the CV Bank stage.

This is a guide on how to view CV, detailed info, history, and move stage on Talenta Recruitment. Furthermore, to add an applicant, you can learn how here.