How to Add Interview on Talenta Recruitment

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On the Recruitment Talenta Pipeline menu, you can manage interview invitations. You can add interview invitations for applicants, reschedule interview invitations that have been made and add ratings or comments on the interview results.

Here are the steps 

  1. Go to the  Interview HR stage on the  Pipeline menu.
  2. Click on the name of the applicant to be invited for an interview.
  3. Click the “Add Interview” button to start adding an interview schedule.
  4. Next, select the interview date for the applicant then click "Next" to continue.
  5. Complete the interview invitation information as shown below, then click "Submit" to save.
  6. You'll see the following screen after adding the interview invitation.
  7. Click the calendar icon on the interview date to reschedule the interview schedule if necessary.
  8. Choose a new interview date, then click "Next" to save changes.
  9. You can also rate the results of the interview by clicking on the "Star" icon as shown below.
  10. You can also add comments in the available fields. Click "Yes" to continue.
    Ratings and comments on the results of the interview will be automatically saved in the Notes tab.

This is the added interview guide for Talenta Recruitment. Furthermore, you can learn how to send an offer letter here.