How to Import Photos in Talenta Recruitment

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Learning Center Mekari
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On the Talenta Recruitment Pipeline menu, you can add photos of applicants in bulk if the applicants do not send their application files through the Talenta Recruitment career page.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Pipeline menu.
  2. Click the "Import Applicants" button.
  3. Click “Import Photo” to continue.
  4. Click the “Click to download” button to download the applicant's email data.
  5. Open the downloaded file and pay attention to the email data in the Photo column.
    1) You must rename all photo file names with the email names of each applicant.
    2) You must change the file format of the photo to .zip format.
  6. Return to the Talenta Recruitment page, then click "Skip this step & Import Photo".
  7. Select the .zip file that you have saved then click “Upload” to continue.

This is a guide on how to import photos on Talenta Recruitment. Furthermore, you can learn about how to import a CV here.