Pipeline Menu on Talenta Recruitment Overview

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Pipeline is one of the menus in Talenta Recruitment which is used to display the stages of recruitment and process applicants at each stage that has been made. 

The following is a brief explanation of the appearance of the Pipeline menu:


No. Columns/Features Description
1. Recruitment Stages Displays the current stage of the recruitment process and the number of applicants in that stage.
2. Add Applicants Button to add new applicants manually.
3. Import Applicants Button to add new applicants in bulk.
4. Basic & Advanced Filters Button to filter the names of applicants based on the position offered and office location.
5. Sort By Button to display a list of applicants based on available criteria.
6. Search Column to perform searches based on certain keywords.
7. Download Resumes Button to download the applicant's resume (curriculum vitae).
8. Move Stage Button to move selected applicants to the next stage.

This is an overview of the pipeline menu on Talenta Recruitment. Furthermore, you can learn about how to add applicants here.