How to Create a Task on Talenta Recruitment

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Talenta provides a supporting application, namely Talenta Recruitment to support the recruitment function in a company. In Talenta Recruitment, you can create Tasks or assignments to be given to your Recruitment team. You can also monitor the recruitment status on the Task menu.

Here are the steps:

  1. Click the “Task” button.
  2. Click the “Action” button then select “Add New Task”.

    The Pending Task & Requested Task view displays all pending tasks and those requested by other users.

  3. The Archived Task view displays all completed and rejected tasks.
  4. Complete the  Add Recruiting Task information.
  5. Fill in the Job Position with the position proposed in making the task.
  6. How many persons are needed,  fill in the number of employees needed for the proposed position.
  7. Reason is filled with reasons for the need for the position.
  8. Requirements filled with requirements for the position.
  9. Select the deadline for completing the task on the Deadline.
  10. Select the level of urgency for position fulfillment on Priority.
  11. Assign this task to is a button to delegate tasks to certain people.
  12. Then, click "Save".
  13. You will see the task appear in the Recruiting Task column.

    Click "Move to pending"  to change the status to pending.

  14. Slide the task into the  In Progress column to change the status to being processed.
  15. Click "Edit" to fill in the progress of the ongoing task.
  16. Fill in the number of employees who were successfully recruited and their reasons, and click "Save" to continue.
  17. Then the task will automatically move to the Done column.

    The task will move automatically if the number of employees recruited is following the request and is right on the deadline date.

This is a guide on Talenta Recruitment Tasks. Furthermore, you can learn about Talenta Recruitment Tasks here