How to Manage the Inbox on the Message Menu

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In this section, you will learn how to manage incoming messages specifically sent to you, messages related to notifications from the system such as running payroll processes, importing file attendance, and so on.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Message menu.
  2. In the Inbox, you can see all activities, such as the payroll run process, attendance data export results, and others.
  3. Click "Select All", and several actions will appear, such as select allselect unreadselect readunselect allview allview by read and view by unread.

    - Select All: To check all lists in the inbox.
    - Select Unread: To change the inbox list that has been read to unread.
    - Select Read: To change the inbox list status to read.
    - Unselect All: To uncheck all checked inbox lists.
    - View All: To see the entire list in the inbox.
    - View by Read: To see only the list of inbox items that have been read.
    - View by Unread: To see only the list of unread inboxes.

  4. Click "Select All", then click "Delete", to delete all inbox lists.
  5. Click "Select All", then click "Read", to mark all inbox lists as read.
  6. To access the contents of your inbox, click on the list of inboxes you want to see, for example, Run Payroll.

  7. Click "View Report" to view the payroll report.
  8. Or if you want to download the export results of employee attendance, you will also be directed to the Message Menu page to download them, by clicking "here".
  9. Or click "Delete" to delete files in the inbox list.

That's how to manage the inbox on the Message Menu. To learn how to manage the Approval List on the Message Menu in Talents, click here.