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The Message menu is a menu used to manage all messages received, submissions that must be approved, and other notifications from the system.

The following is a brief explanation of the Message menu:

No. Tab Name Explanation
1 Approval List

Show a list of requests for overtime, leave, delegation, shift changes, absences, reimbursement, etc. that you must approve.

Click "Approval List" to filter only messages awaiting your approval.

2 New Message Create a new message to send to other employees.
3 Inbox Manage incoming messages sent by other employees and notifications from the system.
4 Overtime Manage messages regarding overtime requests.
5 Time Off Manage messages related to leave requests.
6 Delegation Manage messages related to delegation requests.
7 Change Shift Manage messages regarding shift change requests.
8 Attendance Manage messages related to submitting absences.
9 Change Data Manage messages related to the submission of data changes.
10 Reimbursement Manage messages related to reimbursement submissions.
11 Cash Advance Request Manage messages related to cash advance applications.
12 Cash Advance Settlement Manage messages related to cash advance settlement submissions.
13 Add Employee Manage messages about submitting new employee additions.
14 Employee Transfer Manage messages about employee transfer requests.
15 Goal Manage messages about submitting goals submitted by employees.
16 Forms Manage messages about submission form submissions.
17 Payroll Manage messages about applying for payroll access.
18 Reminder Manage messages related to automatic reminders on the Talenta system.
19 Sent Item Manage outgoing messages sent to other employees.

That's an overview of the Message Menu on Talenta. To learn how to manage Approval List on the Message Menu on Talenta, click here