Talenta ESS Overview

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Talenta is a cloud-based HRIS software. You can take advantage of various features that will simplify the process of managing human resource information within the company, both in terms of administration and finance.

Talenta provides several roles that can be assigned to users, one of which is the Employee role. Users with the Employee role will get access to the page view for employees which is generally called the ESS (Employee Self-Service) view. To learn what roles are in Talenta, you can learn them here.

On this page, you can access certain features that are only provided for employees. Employees can carry out various activities through the ESS display independently.

Menus that can be accessed by the owner of the Employee role (ESS) are as follows:

Dashboard (Personal) My Info (Personal) Employees (Limited version) Calendar (Full version) Company (Limited version)
  • Shortcut
  • Apps
  • Task
  • Announcement
  • General Info
  • Payroll
  • Time Management
  • Finance
  • History 
  • More
Employee’s directory (address book) Request Time Off
  • Reprimand
  • Task
  • Announcement
  • Forms

In the ESS view, you will get a view that is specific to each personal information on the Dashboard and My Info menus. Apart from that, you will also get a limited view of the Employee, Calendar, and Company menus (not the full version like the Super Admin role).

The following is an explanation of the ESS Talenta display:

No. Menu Explanation
1. Dashboard
The dashboard is the start page of Talenta. This page displays a variety of important information that generally needs to be monitored by employees on a regular basis.
2. My Info
Menu to access all personal data. In this menu, you can request to make changes to data such as general information and payroll information. In addition, you can access requests for leave, attendance, overtime, and reimbursement. All historical data on changes in employee status, salary adjustments, loans, and changes in JKK levels are also here.
3. Employee
Menu to access the list of employee names registered in the company.
4. Timesheet Menu to access the progress of the task being monitored.
5. Calendar Menu to view the calendar, birthday employees, other events, and employees who are not in the office.
6. Company Menu to access warning letters, assignments, announcements, and forms.

You can also take advantage of the Talenta Mobile application provided by Talenta to increase user mobility. On Talenta mobile, you can do live attendance, reimbursement requests, and shift change requests.