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Keep your business productive with automated payroll & HRIS software.
Talenta is cloud-based payroll & HRIS software. You can log in to Talenta to take advantage of various features that can make it easier for you to manage your human resources, both in terms of administration and finance.

All features in Talenta are categorized into the following menus:

No. Menu Description


The dashboard is the start page of Talenta. This page displays various important information that generally needs to be monitored on a regular basis.


The Employees menu is used to manage all employee information as a company database, both employee personal information, employee information, and payroll information, and includes activities for adding employees, changing employee information, employee transfer history, PTKP status adjustments, importing employee data, and so on.

Time Management

The Time Management menu is a menu that is used to manage all time settings, which consist of work schedules, attendance, leave, and timesheets that apply in the company.


The Finance menu is a menu used to manage reimbursement, cash advance, and loan policies that apply to the company.


The Payroll menu is a menu that is used to manage all payroll calculations for all employees in the company, both the payroll calculation process, component changes, reimbursement management, loans, payroll tax calculations, and report analysis.

Mekari Flex

The Mekari Flex menu is a menu used to manage Mekari benefit features, such as purchasing phone credit, internet, top-up Ovo, Go-Pay, purchasing vouchers, and others.


The Company menu is a menu that is used to manage all of your company's administrative data, such as giving announcements to all employees, assigning employees, giving warning letters, storing various documents, polling, and so on.


The Message menu is a menu that is used to manage all messages received, submissions that must be approved, and other notifications from the system.


The Settings menu is a menu that is used to make various settings to operate the Talenta system, whether in the form of company account settings, time attendance provisions, payroll, users, integration, and so on.

You can learn more about the uses of each of the above menus in the following articles.

In addition to the features available on the talenta.co website, you can also take advantage of the Talenta Mobile application provided by Talenta to increase user mobility.