Talenta Recruitment Overview

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Talenta provides a supporting application, namely Talenta Recruitment, to support the recruitment function in a company. You can set the company's recruitment path, then select candidates to reach the process of offering candidates to prospective employees through this application.

All features in Talenta Recruitment are categorized into the following menus:

No. Menu Description
1. Home This is the start page of Talenta Recruitment. This page displays a variety of important information that generally needs to be monitored by recruiters on a regular basis.
2. Job List Is a menu that is used to manage the list of jobs that have been made.
3. Pipeline Is a menu that is used to manage the candidate recruitment process until it reaches the offering process to prospective employees.
4. Calendar Is a menu that is used to make it easier for users to schedule and monitor recruitment activities held by the company.
5. Settings Is a menu that is used to make various settings that will be used to determine the company's recruitment process, both in the form of setting recruitment channels, users, and email settings.

Follow these steps to access the Talenta Recruitment application:

  1. Open your Superadmin Talenta account.
  2. You will be directed to the  Dashboard menu. Click the  “Recruitment” button on the  Applications tab.
  3. Next, you will be directed to the Talenta Recruitment page.

That's about Talenta Recruitment. Furthermore, you can learn about the Home Menu on Talenta Recruitment here.