How to Manage the Goals Menu on Talenta Mobile

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Not only can goals be accessed via Talenta web, but you can also manage Goals directly from the Talenta Mobile application. On the Goals menu in Talenta Mobile, you can carry out several goal management activities, namely updating, closing, and deleting goals. Apart from that, you can also align goals via smartphone alone.

To manage the goals menu on Talenta Mobile, go to the Goals menu.

Then, you can carry out the following goal management activities.

A. Goal Type, Filter, and Search Bar

  1. In the goals list, click the down arrow at the bottom of the goal to select Goal Type.
    2. PNG
  2. Select what type of goal you want to display in the list.
    5. PNG
  3. Click the “magnifying glass” icon to search for a specific goal.
  4. Therefore, you can enter certain keywords in the search column.
    7. PNG
  5. If you want to filter the goals list based on specific employees, you can click Filter.
  6. Hence, you can search for a particular employee by typing their name in the Search column. Then, you can also tick the employee's name and click "Apply".
    6. PNG

    - To uncheck, you can click “Uncheck all”.
    - Only the Super Admin role can see all employee names in the list above.
    - The employee role that can see the names of other employees is the employee who has subordinates. In the list, the employee can only see the name of his subordinate.

  7. You can see goals based on goals that are still ongoing on the On going tab and those that have been completed on the Closed tab.
    8. PNG

B. Key results, Aligned goals, and Activities in Goal Details

  1. On the On going goals tab, select one of the goals that are still in progress.
    9. PNG
  2. Hence, you can see the details of the goal in the following image. On this page, you can see the Key result details by clicking on the "Key result" tab.
    10. PNG
  3. Then, you can also Align goals in Talenta Mobile by clicking on the Aligned goal tab.
    11. PNG

     1. You will be asked to choose one of the goals or KR of the goals that will be used as the parent goal.
    12. PNG
    2. Scroll or search for a specific goal in the Search bar if necessary. Then, select one of the goals as follows and click "Save".
    14. PNG
    3. Therefore, the goal has been successfully aligned. However, if you want to remove the alignment, click “Remove alignment”.
    5. Then, click "Delete".
    21. PNG
    6. Therefore, the goal alignment has been successfully deleted.
    17. PNG

  4. You can also see activity on goals that you have opened the details on the Activities tab.
    18. PNG
  5. You can close and delete goals by clicking the “three dots” icon.

    1. If you choose to close the goal, then the following confirmation pop-up appears, and click “Close”. Once the goal has been successfully closed, the goal progress cannot be updated again.
    20. PNG
    2. And if you choose to delete the goal, then the following confirmation pop-up appears, and click “Delete”.
    21. PNG

C. Update progress

  1. Apart from that, you can update progress on goals via the Talenta Mobile app by going to the Goals details page and opening the "Key results" tab. Then, click "Update progress". If the goal does not have a Key Result, you can also update the progress of the goal.
    22. PNG
  2. Update the progress status by clicking the downward arrow at the top right of the display.
    23. PNG
  3. Update your goal progress status with the On Track or Off Track label.
    24. PNG
  4. Apart from that, you can change the progress value in the following columns.
    25. PNG
  5. In this example, we will change the progress of Machine 2 and add an attachment.
    26. PNG
  6. You can choose from which source the attachment will be uploaded.
    27. PNG
  7. Select one of the attached files, for example in the form of a .jpg file, it will look like the following. Click "Save" if the update is correct.
    28. PNG
  8. Click "Submit" to continue the process of updating goal progress.
    29. PNG
  9. Therefore, the goal has been updated successfully.
    30. PNG

That's the guide to managing goals on Talenta Mobile. Furthermore, if you are the holder of the approval pathway for goals, apart from being able to approve or reject via Talenta web, you can also approve goals via the Talenta Mobile app. Learn the guide here.