How to Use e-Banking on the Payroll History Menu

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After you run payroll, you can continue to make payroll payments using the latest version of the E-Banking feature to be uploaded to the Bank's E-Business system that you use to pay payroll.

Here are the steps.

  1. Enter the Payroll menu.
  2. Select Payroll History.
  3. Click the “Download E-Banking” button.

    If you activate the payroll approval feature, the Download e-Banking button will not appear if there is a period that has not been approved/the approval status is rejected in that year. But you can still download e-Banking by accessing it on the three dots icon in the approved period.

  4. You can also download e-Banking for a certain period by clicking on the “Three dots” and then selecting Download e-Banking .
  5. Select which Payroll Type you will use.
  6. Select the payroll period that you want to pay in the Period section.
  7. Select the Bank used.
  8. Select the Export Type  to be used.
  9. Enter the Branch Code  used.
  10. Enter the Branch Code used.
  11. Enter Company initials.
  12. Enter the company account number.
  13. Choose a payment date.
  14. Click "Add filter" to add a filter based on Branch, Organization, Job Position, Job Level, Employees, Employee Status,  or  Period Schedule .
  15. Click "Download" to start downloading the CSV E-Banking. pasted_image_0_-_2023-04-14T153124.868.png
  16. This CSV can then be used to make payroll payment transactions for employees through the E-Banking application of each user bank.

That's how to pay payroll with e-banking. Learn how to pay payroll with Mekari Payroll Disbursement  here.