How to Create a Pivot Report Builder

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In Talenta, there is a Report Builder  which is a feature that can assist management in making reports according to their individual needs. The report is obtained based on raw data provided by Talenta. There are 2 (two) types of Report Builders available, namely Basic Report Builder and Pivot Report Builder.

Both provide access to email Report Builder straight to your email inbox. This access can be made by users with Super Admin/Default and Custom Admin roles with access to certain data. With this feature, you can download and get the Report Builder email regularly based on a schedule that you can adjust.

What distinguishes Pivot and Basic Report Builder, are:

Basic Report Builder Pivot Report Builder
Can be used by Super Admins/Admins who subscribe to Insights. Accessible by subscribing to Insights+ and used by Super Admin/Admin, which can be adjusted based on access role.
Report customization views are still in basic forms and procedures with basic report filters that require you to go through several stages.  Customization views are more interactive and efficient by combining values, report filters, and selecting from HR data fields integrated into one page.
- There is a Table editor and Panels to customize report content.
  • Drag and drop report fields.
  • The appearance of the editor's customization results and panels is immediately displayed on the page.
  • Certain value aggregation is based on the selected grouping, such as branch, organization, and many more.

Here's how to create a Pivot Builder:

  1. Open the  Companies menu.

    You can also go directly to

  2. Select  "Report Builder".
  3. On the  Pivot report tab, select "Create report", then click Create pivot report.

    The Pivot Report Builder is exclusively accessible to Insights+ subscription users.

  4. Select “Create pivot” to create a live builder pivot.
    There are several templates available, namely:
    a. Employment Report (Employment Category): Report template based on employment data information.
    b. Employment & Attendance Report (Category Time Management): Report template based on time management (attendance) information.
    c. Employment & Payroll Report (Payroll Category): Report template based on Payroll transaction information.

    - Click the  “Inverted triangle” icon if you don't want to create a pivot builder right away and want to see what the template looks like first.

    - In the pop-up that appears, you can observe the suitability of the sample template according to your needs. Click  "Create this template" if you want to use the template.

  5. In the Pivot report builder view, you can see one page that you can customize directly on a full page. The following is an explanation of each function on the Pivot report builder page.

    No. Name of Button/Column Description
    1 Edit template names Click to change the template name.
    2 Guidebook shortcuts Click to go to the Create Pivot Builder guidebook.
    3 Preview Click to see the Preview table in full screen.
    4 Table previews This table is the result of a preview of the customs arrangement that you do in the Table editor and Panels. You can click  “-” to shrink the column/row.

    The “Refresh”  button will appear each time you enter/adjust a new  field .

  6. The following describes the Table editor and Panels sections that you can customize and arrange.

    No. Name of Button/Column Description
    1 All filters Click to filter your report.

    See the complete list of available  fields  here.

    Filter type:  Select the filter type which is the category of available  fields.
    - Select option:  If you have determined the filter type, then select the filter options available here. If no filter type is selected, this option is not available.
    - Add filter: Click to add a filter.
    - “(-)” icon: Click to clear the filter option. If no filter type is selected, this option is not available.
    - Apply:  Click to apply the filter.
    - Cancel:  Click to return to the Pivot report builder page.

    2 Table editor's Rows This section is a list of fields in the report row. Click the  “Six dots”  icon to change the order of  the fields.
    3 Table editor's Columns This section is a list of fields in the report column. Click the  “Six dots”  icon to change the order of  the fields.
    4 Table editor's Values This section is a list of fields in the report column. Click the  “Six dots”  icon to change the order of  the fields.
    5 Panel's Fields Tab This tab is a tab based on the  Field panel category according to the Table editor.
    6 Panel's Values ​​Tab This tab is a tab based on the Values ​​panel category according to the Table editor.
    7 Panels's Select field Click the  “Down arrow”  icon to change the  field  category by Personal or Employment.
    8 Panel's Periods and Fields The list here will appear according to the field category you choose. Click the  “Six dots”  icon to drag and drop  the Table editor  based on  columns, rows, or values ​​.

    See the complete list of available  fields  here.

    9 Collapse Click to expand Panels.
  7. If the customized report is suitable, click Save” to save the template and report or “Save and download” to save and download the report.
  8. If you select Save and download, the following pop-up appears. Select a period of time in the  Select period  then click  "Save and download".
  9. Click "Check inbox".

    If you click Back to report builder, you will return to the Pivot Report list page where you can manage them at a later date. Learn how to manage this page here.

  10. Open the following message.
  11. Click  "Download Files" .
  12. Then, the sheet in .xlsx format will be downloaded and you can open it as follows.

This is a guide on how to create a Pivot Report Builder. Furthermore, you can learn how to manage Forms  here.