How to Make a Request for Goals

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In Talenta Performance, if Superadmin can create goals, employees can input request goals to be achieved in the form of teams or individuals.

Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the performance review on 
  2. Click the Individuals menu in the Goals section.
  3. Click "Create New Goal" to create goals.
  4. Fill in the name of the goals in the "Goals Name" section.
  5. Fill in the description of the goal in the "Description" section.
  6. Select the goal achievement cycle to determine the time period for the goals in the "Goal Cycle" section.
  7. Enter the start date of the goals in the "Start Date" and the end date in the "End Date".
  8. In  Type,  the default will be individual if the roles are as employees. 
  9. The Goals Owner will be defaulted by the system and there is a limit on the name of the goal owner so that the employee's name is listed.
  10. Choose the measurement of these goals such as numbers, nominal, and percentages in "How to measure progress?".
  11. Check “This Measurement Repeat and Reset After Cycle Ends” if you will reuse the goal after the period ends.
  12. Choose which employees can update the Goals in the “Who can update the progress?” section in which you can choose more than one employee.
  13. Click “Add Key Result” to measure the success of your Goals in more detail.
  14. Click "Submit" to save the goals.
  15. Goals that are formed by status will become requested goals if they have not been approved by the user.
  16. If the goals have been approved by the approver, they will enter the Ongoing Goals tab and the goals owner and users related to the goals can update the progress.

This is how to make request goals for employees. Furthermore, you can learn how to upload Attachments to Goals here.