How to Manage Overtime in Need My Approval

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If you are the approval line for Overtime submissions, you can see a list of Overtime applications on Talenta Mobile. In addition, you can also immediately take action on the submission.

Here are the steps:

  1. Select Inbox Menu.
  2. On the Need My Approval tab, select Overtime.
  3. The following is a list of employee Overtime request submissions. You can select the Overtime Request or Planning index tab . Then, click on the employee's name.

    To check employees in bulk, click the “tick” icon. Then, select the names of the employees whose Overtime requests or plans you want to give approval to.

  4. Then, you will see details of the Overtime request, such as the employee's name, and other important information about the Overtime request or planning. An example of the information contained in the Overtime planning details is shown in the image below.

    - Date and duration of overtime submitted by the employee
    - Type of overtime compensation submitted in the Compensation column
    - Type of shift and working hours in the Shift name and work hours column
    - Reason for requesting leave in the Work note column
    - Supporting documents uploaded by the employee (if any), in the Attachment
    - Overtime ID column (in Overtime Planning only).

    In the Overtime Request, you can change the duration of overtime you want to approve in the Need approval section as follows.
    Apart from that, if an employee applies for overtime during a day off, you can still change the duration of overtime that you want to approve in this section.

  5. Enter your comments in the comments column, if necessary, and click "Approve" to approve the approval or click "Reject" to reject.

This is a guide on how to manage overtime in Need My Approval. Next, to learn how to change shifts in Need My Approval, you can click here.