How to Update Reimbursement Balance

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On Talenta, you can give, renew, and expire reimbursement balances which you can do through the Talenta Finance menu.

Follow these steps to update the balance of the reimbursement policy for employees:

  1. Go to Finance, then select Reimbursement.
  2. Click “Assign / Update”.
  3. Click “New”.
  4. Select the type of reimbursement in the Reimbursement Name column and select Update in the Type column.
  5. Fill in a description in the form of information related to the reimbursement.
  6. Click "Add" to select the employee whose reimbursement balance you want to update.

    You can also update reimbursement balances in bulk by using the Export button to download the place and the Import button to upload the files that you have completed. The following shows the uploaded template for updating the reimbursement balance:
    - Id Employee: Filled with employee ID number
    - Full Name: Employee name
    - Balance: The amount of the balance reimbursement
    - Start Date: The balance reimbursement effective date can be used
    - End Date: The balance end date can be used

  7. Fill in the amount of the balance in the input balance column.

    Example : 
    - If you want to reduce the balance
         - Balance in Talenta = 200,000
         - The balance should be = 150,000
    Then fill in the balance column -50000
    - If you want to add balance
          - Balance in Talenta = 200,000
          - The balance should be = 250,000
    So in the balance column fill in 50000
    *The method for inputting balances for this reimbursement also applies to inputting balances in bulk.

  8. Specify the effective date and end of the reimbursement balance.
  9. Checklist for employees who want to update reimbursement balances.
  10. Click “Yes”.
  11. Then the name of the employee you choose will appear in the following list. In this section, you can still change the Balance, Start Date, and End Date.
  12. Click "Delete" in the Action section, if you want to delete an employee from the list.
  13. Click "Save" to save changes.
  14. You can see the updated reimbursement actions in the Type column.

This is an explanation of how to update reimbursement. Learn here to find out how to do a reimbursement simulation.